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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Yep It’s Another Christmas Card

Hi again,

Firstly, thanks to everyone for all their comments on my last card.  As promised here’s another Christmas Card. 

Sorry the picture is a bit rubbish and fuzzy – I tried to tidy it up a bit on Photoshop and this was as good as I could get it I’m afraid.  I really must get my finger out and make myself a light box – the light in my flat is not the greatest especially as I take my pics at night.

Anyhoo – here you go… this is one of the personalised ones I made – the snowflakes are much more sparkly in real life than they are here.  Hope you like it – I’ll be back with yet another one soon Smile


Thanks again for looking and taking the time to comment




  1. Ooh lovely and traditional. Love this one too :)

  2. Such a beautiful card, I love the deep green shades and that traditional image x

  3. Love this card - beautiful image. x

  4. Lovely card, a proper traditional Christmas card xx

  5. Fab card - it's nice to see a traditional image on a card and the colours are very Christmasy also.

  6. I love cards with a traditional image on them, it's gorgeous x

  7. I love this, a nice change from the cutesy bears etc

  8. Lovely card, I like to go back to the old school images once in a while :)

  9. well done you on getting a head start


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