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Monday, 8 August 2011

Not a Card but a Present

Wow two posts in two days...  I'm even impressing myself!!

For those of you expecting a card - sorry to disappoint.  It's knitting.....

These were knitted for my bestest mate Gail for her birthday many months ago (told you all I had been busy but hadn't blogged anything)  If you want to see a card here's the one I made for her.

I've been knitting since I was a little kid and I usually have something on the go - at the moment I'm discovering socks.  I know you might all think I'm mad when I say this but there is something strangely comforting about knitting your own socks.

When I looked through my photos to see what I had to show you I found a picture of embroidered gloves and shoes that I took on a visit to the Burrell Collection.  If you're ever near Glasgow I can highly recommend a visit.  I thought I share a couple of my pics with you...

Aren't these incredible - if you click on the images you should get a bigger picture to see the detail.

I also found this picture and couldn't resist showing it to you...

This is Shadow peaking over the table at me - he likes sleeping on my chair and I think he was trying to tell me to move LOL.

I didn't mean to worry anyone with my last post, some personal stuff happened but the main reason for me not being about was my pc got a really nasty virus and it took months to get it fixed (huge thanks to Chris, my OH - he's a smart cookie).  We only got the last bit of it working yesterday.  Talk about withdrawal symptoms LOL.

Sneak Preview

I'm off for an early night, see you all again soon


  1. Phew, sooooo glad you are ok xxx

    Love the gloves you knitted, beautiful style and colour. Wish I could knit but I am useless :-( x

    Your cat is beautiful, love her name too, suits her perfectly x

  2. fantastic knitting, clever lady!

  3. Fabulous gloves! The best I can do is knit dishclothes.

  4. This is beautiful! Wow, you are so talented! I have given up on trying to knit. It is too hard, at least for me. Love that picture of Shadow and those shoes are cute!

  5. Your gloves are gorgeous :) Glad you're OK. xx

  6. fantastic gloves - your cat piccy is awesome - saw the signs for the Burrell collection on Saturday looks like somewhere I need to visit :c) xx

  7. My daughter is just learning to knit, it is a bit of a dying art, the gloves are fab sweetie and aww at that kitty just peeping x x x

  8. Gorgeous knitting Jaqui!

  9. They are so pretty, that colour is so delicate.

    I'm totally with you on the withdrawel symptoms... felt so disconnected when I was offline.

  10. Wow fabulous, way to go kittie almost as great as the gloves!

  11. Blimey how'd you manage months without your computer,when mine was on the blink I got the wobbles after a couple of hours.I've now got a shiny new one yippee !
    I'd love to knit socks you clever thing x


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