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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Light Box Tutorial

Hi there.  Hope you’re all doing ok.

I have been asked by a few people for a tutorial for my light box that I have made so as I had the afternoon off work I thought I would rustle something up.  I’ve used drawings that I did on Photoshop, I hope that’s ok for you all, because I didn’t have another cardboard box to chop up Smile

So, be gentle with me, this is the first time I’ve done something like this…

What you’ll need

  1. A decent sized cardboard box – it has to be big enough for your projects to fit in it with a bit of room to spare.
  2. Selotape.
  3. A sharp knife or scissors.
  4. Some bright white paper.
  5. Something sticky – I used double-sided tape but if you have patience then glue is fine.
  6. White tissue paper – this is optional
  7. A lamp – this is optional

Step 1

Make sure your box is closed and sealed tightly at any openings and if not selotape any gaps shut.


Step 2

Cut away the top and the front – the one’s that I’ve marked with an X


Step 3

You should now have a box that looks something like this.


Step 4

You now have to cover the insides with the bright white paper and make sure it’s stuck down really well with no gaps.


Optional Step 5

At this stage you can stick some white tissue paper where the top of the box used to be and then shine your lamp through this when taking your pictures.  The tissue paper helps to diffuse the light. (I didn’t bother with this)

To take your pictures

I finished my one at step 4.  So to take your pictures I place whatever I want to photograph inside the box and stand it on my kitchen worktop – I do it here because my lights in my kitchen are the brightest ones.  Try to angle the box so it’s under the light – this stops the sides of the box casting shadows – but if you have a lamp just stand this over the box so it shines directly into it. 

I have found I can still use a flash with my camera and it seems to work because it bounces off the white paper rather than what I’m trying to photograph.  I’ll be honest though and say when I get around to it I will by an angle-poise lamp to save messing about.

Hope you like my tutorial and didn’t laugh and my wonky pics too much Smile

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you found this helpful.




  1. Fab tutorial Jaqui and love your pictures which accompany it! Very clever. Thank you for taking the time to do this. x

  2. Fab tutorial hun - off to hunt down a cardboard box...................... xx

  3. I'm off to get a box as well ,thanks Jaqui

  4. Thanks Jaqui - can you post a pic of your finished box!!!!

  5. Very clear pictures and explanation, thank you for showing us how to do it. x

  6. Great tutorial, thanks Jaqui. x

  7. What a neat idea! Great tutorial Jaqui.

  8. hmm I might just wait for summer...

    I am Soooo lazy,,,,


  9. Great tutorial, I now need to find a box!

  10. What a surprise to find this blog.It's a pleasure to" walk" and see all your creations on a Sunday evening.Thanks for sharing and if you'd like ,me and my cat are waiting for your visit.


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