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Monday, 29 March 2010

Anniversary Card

Hi again.

I thought I'd share my sister and brother-in-law's anniversary card with you today.  They have been married forever, well since I was 7 so it feels like forever and she was my mother's understudy when I was little.  If you ask her she'll tell you to this day she has a bad back from carrying me everywhere!  Sorry Rosalyn and thanks sis!

I printed out the digital stamp from a great freebie site.  I haven't had time to check out the rest of their pages - there's quite a lot.  I just saw the Precious Moments and instantly thought of my big sis, she loves them.  I decided I was gonna colour it in with my paints so I traced it onto cartridge paper (didn't want to take the chance of the ink running) and had a fun afternoon colouring in.  Ain't crafting great - you can revert to your childhood and noone complains!

I then mounted it onto cardstock - mainly cos the water crinkled it a bit and it was a bit flimsy.

Whilst looking for my paints I came across a huge stack of metallic board and parchment card (I've had them so long I forgot they were there) so I used a bit of peach metallic card next - I thought it looked a bit like a beach.

It still needed something - so out came the laptop and the usual trawl through some trusty sites and I found the blue BG strip with shells here.  I love this site.

I decided that I didn't want to put the sentiment on the outside (didn't have enough space - note to self "buy bigger card stock next time") so it went on the inside.  I can never think what to write on the inside of a card so - problem solved.  In-The-Beach-Hut recommended Wordle (please take the time to check out her blog - she's so funny and her makes are gorgeous). So I typed in my sis and BIL's names, their anniversary date, and some suitable romantic words and hey presto a personalised sentiment!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Gorgeous card, love the cute little image & love the inside :) x

  2. Your card is so cute, i bet your sis will love it.

  3. Gorgeous card. I love the image. x

  4. Lovely card. Thanks for the link, great site with some lovely images.

  5. I love that card - good idea to put the wordle on the inside! x

  6. Thank you 2 top tips in one post - have now put Wordle and Precious Moments on my favorite!

  7. Lovely card, really like the Wordle in the inside of the card. Hugs Annexxx

  8. What a lovely card, your sister is very lucky to have someone who loves here enough to make her such a card x

  9. What a lovely card both inside and out, I bet your sister will love it x

  10. Really lovely card.. loved the insert too.. you are really clever.. Christine alias Hassy x

  11. Lovely card Jacqui - good idea to use an image you know your sister likes too.

    (Also many thanks for your recent comments on my blog too!)

    qwiksave (Nicky)x


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