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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Cream Mother's Day Card

This is the card I made for my Mum for Mother's Day.  Unfortunately she doesn't have the best of health and is going blind so I wanted it to be special for her and although she'll be able to see some of it (and my big sis can describe it to her) I added some texture so she can at least get an idea of it. 

Thanks for always being there mum - and especially for all our chats into the wee small hours trying not to wake the rest of the house laughing hysterically at something stupid xxx

This time I was inspired by two cards:
  • Wanda's beautiful card at My Creative Corner
  • and Jennie "The Crafty Wife" (my lovely MSE friend - thanks again for you RAK!)  I thought Jennie's Mother's Day card was gorgeous!!
The glitter card is from my card stock.
The background paper is from here and here
The script paper and flower was sent to me by Jennie (if you check out her Mother's Day card you'll spot them!)
The picture was taken from here.  I thought it matched the rest perfectly.

Hope you like it.


  1. Beautiul. Really lovely. My Mum has lost most of her eyesight in one eye due to glaucoma, it's not fair is it :( What a thoughtful daughter you are.
    twiggy x

  2. Gorgeous card. I bet your mum loved it.x

  3. What a stunning card!!! My mum is losing her sight, she's registered blind but can see a bit, she would completely appreciate the texture on your card and I am ashamed to say I have never thought to add texture to a card for her so she can feel it xxx

  4. I love the colour combination on this card, it's very serene. Lovely.

  5. Lovely idea. There are lots of lovely tactile fabrics and papers that can be used these days. Great card. qwiksave x

  6. What a cracking card, I love all the softness of the colours and serenity of the image. It must have been a real pleasure for her to receive it.

  7. That is just beautiful xxx

  8. Absolutely gorgeous and a lovely tribute to your Mum. Hugs Annexxx

  9. I love this card - love the flower and love the colours.just beautiful.

  10. Wow!! Stunning card, love everything about it.. :D Christine alias Hassy x


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