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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A Joke or not A Joke

It was my (future) FatherInLaw's birthday.  Ian is the world's worst (or best - depending on your view point) at making puns - he can find them for everything!!!  He also loves Petershill FC (a local team who are not the best - sorry Ian) so I couldn't help making a joke card for his birthday.  I got the cartoon from the web and spent an afternoon happily recolouring and rewording it on Paint Shop Pro. 

Thanks for everything Ian, you've been great over the years (although I could live without the bad jokes - only kidding!) xxx

The green glitter card is from my card stock
The sentiment came from here

When Ian saw his card he said that they could do with this goalie - they lost that day! OOPS!


  1. Fab card. Really good idea to use Paintshop to alter it. x

  2. Excellent card. Aren't you clever - all I manage with my digis is to print them out and hand colour them :-(

  3. What a great card, love the image!!!

  4. Love the idea of this card! I am going to have to do something similar for some of the men in my life...just brill!

  5. A fab card, a very clever one too.. :) Christine alias Hassy x


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