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Monday, 29 March 2010

A Joke or not a Joke - Revisited THEY WON!!

My last post was a card was for my future FIL and this morning I received a request from him asking to set the record straight :)

"I couldn't help but notice that considerable emphasis was given to their recent run of poor form. In the interests of fair and balanced reporting I would like to think that, although it has absolutely nothing to do with hand crafting, mention will be made in future blogs of Petershill's herioc victory over Auchinleck Talbot on Saturday afternoon. This victory gained in the teeth of adversity may yet not be enough to save them from relegation from the Super Duper League down to the depths of the Super League, but a mention in Peppop's Crafty Place may well inspire the team and thus in some small way assist them in their quest to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!"

So Ian,  the record has been set straight.  C'mon the Peasy!!!


  1. LOL! Good to see you future FIL has a sense of humour. My 'second' team Burnley FC probably feel the same way!

  2. Nice one peppot, that made me chuckle ..susan x

  3. Just popped over to day thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog today xxx

  4. You must have brought them good luck!!! :) Christine alias Hassy x


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